WELCOME TO THE FAQ! This 8 week program journey starts with week meetings that give you a game plan for foods, fitness and healthy living. After signing up your WEEK 1 pack will unlock immediately so you can read it and prepare for our first meeting.


**How soon can we meet after signup? 

After signing up and reading the material we usually meet the next day or beginning of the next week. We start new programs each week.

**Individual or Group sessions?

These are all 1 to 1 sessions unless you bring your friend to join. The online starting in 2019 will be group sessions.

**How often do we meet? 

Once a week for 8 weeks in a row – on the 4th week we meet twice that week for 2 personal training sessions. You return on the 12th week for a remeasure which totals to 11 sessions!

**Do we get a menu, recipes and meal planning?

Week 1 pack itself has 40 recipes that only take 15 minutes. Each week after has similar information. We break it down in person to make it a personalized plan.

** What if my husband wants to do it with me? 

Special rates apply to a second signing up at the same time. Contact me for rates.

** What if I need to travel? 

This is a lifestyle program so at any point you change your lifestyle you body will change as well so you can return to all the info you have on this 8 weeks and repeat it on your own, anytime!

While traveling it works great as you are working on a base formula. Here are some examples of those who traveled and kicked butt on this program!  READ THE STORY!

**  Can you tell me a bit more about this money back guarantee?

If you follow the program to the best of your ability and come to the meetings at the end of the 8 weeks if you don’t feel amazing! You get your money back for the program, this means your investment in your health is guaranteed.

**Is it only weight loss?

Results include muscles increase, healthy habits, nutritional understanding, healthy mindset and how to do it all on your own.


Holistic works!

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I have just finished my 8 week program with Jeremy and am so happy with the holistic process I've learned. This program is more than just a diet...it is really a new way to live in a healthy and sustainable way. That is not to say that the results were slow in coming...I actually lost 30 pounds, 20 inches, 7% body fat and 2 dress sizes! I achieved these results without any supplements or special packaged food. This program taught me how to make the right food choices and I've been rewarded with not only a loss of weight and inches, but also by how great I feel and how much more energy I have! I would highly recommend Jeremy and Austin Holistic Fitness...he is truly dedicated to helping you find a healthy path to fitness!

Thankful at 55

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I am so thankful for the opportunity to go through Jeremy's 8 week program. Over the years I have tried so many different diets, that were difficult and if they had good results I always gained back the weight loss over time. I even tried working out 4-5 times per week and just couldn't lose the last 15-20 pounds I needed to lose. This program was not only simple but I have learned so much about how those diets impacted my body and how food can heal you in so many ways. I am now at the halfway point in the program and it has already changed my life. The program is purposefully constructed in such a way that it is never overwhelming and I have felt supported by Jeremy the entire time through text, in person meetings and his facebook group page. By learning about food combinations, amounts and just getting back to the basics of whole type foods I have experienced several changes in my body and my life. My original goal was to lose some weight and to eat better so I didn't always feel ill after eating. Well I have lost the weight I wanted to lose, and it was all fat - not muscle! Incredibly my hot flashes are gone, I am sleeping better, I no longer have digestion issues I had for years, my allergies are better and my skin and hair are both softer. Overall my energy level is better and I am excited to have learned a new life long way of eating, which is really simple - the way I need things to be in a busy life! I cannot wait for the next few weeks to learn more about not only nutrition but about fitness and what works best for my body. Thanks to Jeremy for his commitment to helping others in their journey toward a healthy lifestyle! I would highly recommend checking this program out.