**What is the structure of the program? Do you meet with clients in person or over the phone/online? How often?

Once a week for 8 weeks in a row – on the 4th week we meet twice that week for 2 personal training sessions. You return on the 12th week for a remeasure which totals to 11 sessions!

** Does the program involve a specific meal plan and/or recipes? Are they tailored to individual clients’ needs and preferences, or is there a set meal plan for all participants in the program?

The meal planning is in the structure of the program. Week 1 all fruits and veggies, menus, meals, online support group and accountability which has a default but individualized for each and every person. Week 2 and so forth include similar support as we add back in – proteins, starches, fats, oils and grains!

**  Do you ever find that your clients struggle to keep up with or stick to the program if they have a significant other or other members of their household who are not also participating in the program?

Family and Friends who are within a close distance to anyone on my program begin to change for the better as well. You as the participant will be come the bright light in the room with your education, resolve and ability to answer why and how you are doing what you are doing. You will be so rooted in your purpose others will see your strength, the amazing food you are making and support you!


** Are you going to tell me I can never eat cheese (or [fill on the blank] food) again?

When you do so many good things for your body it actually doesn’t leave much room for the things that don’t feel good for you. When you find out whatever that is it’s your choice. Nutritionally if cheese doesn’t effect your inflammation or other metal game around food. Go for it because the effect on your weight loss will be minimal at that point.

** What if I need to travel during the eight weeks of the program? What about after that? Is this a lifestyle that can be conveniently maintained while away from home?

This is a lifestyle program so at any point you change your lifestyle you body will change as well so you can return to all the info you have on this 8 weeks and repeat it on your own, anytime!

While traveling it works great as you are working on a base formula. Here are some examples of those who traveled and kicked butt on this program!  READ THE STORY!

** In the 8-Week Health Coaching Program overview on your website, it states “follow our programs from a blank slate to get the money back guarantee.” Can you tell me a bit more about this money back guarantee?

If you follow the program to the best of your ability and come to the meetings at the end of the 8 weeks if you don’t feel amazing! You get your money back for the program, this means your investment in your health is guaranteed.

** I notice that the lesson plan indicates the possibility of losing up to 11 lbs. in the first week. That sounds so convenient quick, but is it healthy to lose that much weight in one week? I’ve always read that healthy weight loss is about 1-2 lbs. per week. How does one lose 11 lbs. in one week (is it fat? Water weight?) and is that safe? I don’t mean that to sound like I’m questioning the veracity of the claim or your methods, just curious how that works and a bit concerned because it sounds like a lot of weight in a really short amount of time.

It’s 11 pounds in the first month!  The first week as you loose a lot of inflammation you will find your self with more energy and wanting to move more. This means by the end of the 4 weeks you will be eating well, moving more and burning fat for fuel and not muscle!