3 easy power meals when not feeling well

Here is a riddle, It feels like the flu but isn't a virus. Pretty easy to answer when you live in the heart of Texas. Cedar trees cover the skies in clouds of cedar spores that the human body just can't seem to handle. So how do you combat this…
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Statins can be ruining your metabolism

Cholesterol-lowering statin drugs are unfavored by many doctors and holistic coaches worldwide.  The proof of these drugs working is dismal, whereas a holistic lifestyle change towards a more vegetable-based diet, has a more profound impact…

4 charts for goal setting every Trainer knows and you should too

“The optimal learning state for a curious beginner is ever changing experiences presenting themselves in gradually more challenging ways that are achievable” -Josh Terry - Austin, Tx   Personal Trainers, fitness gurus or anyone staying…

Heart Rate Variability

Difference between life or stress. If you were to ask yourself when is the last time you made a conscious effort to relax your mind, body and spirit, would you tell me one week? one month? Never? If you are the in the never or maybe,…

New Year, New You - 5 ways to win your resolution this year

Make a 3 month schedule to workout 20x Find a friend who wants to do it with you Pay for a membership to any place because commitment is key See a personal trainer if starting something new Nutrition will carry you the whole…




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