Our Approach to Holistic Health

 Austin Holistic Fitness spends the time with a client to make real lifestyle changes with real results. 

While most health and fitness companies are focused on the number of people they can get through the door, we take a human approach.

Austin Holistic Fitness is passionately focused on educating our clients to take the reins. We want you to have all of the tools and capabilities you need in your health and fitness “toolbox” to continue living a healthy, active lifestyle and improving your overall health long after you have completed your joint pains or 8 week lifestyle change course.

You are more than a medication cabinet to us; we want you to succeed through true nutrition and fitness practices. Don’t practice to be perfect, realize that practice is perfect.

Understanding that health and fitness practices are evolving based on an ever-growing body of science, Jeremy Robinson created Austin Holistic Fitness over the span of 16 years in personal training, nutrition coaching, college instructor and business ownership with the passion of helping clients in a way many doctors cannot.

Physician Testimonials

He [Jeremy Robinson] is able to safely get the couch potato into an exercise routine without injury. His knowledge of physiology and nutrition is impressive. He is able to teach on a one-on-one basis and he has facility speaking to large groups about nutritional concepts. I have recommended him to many of my patients and they send me back glowing reviews.

Dr. Eleanor Womack

I love that his approach to fitness is holistic and focused on more than just appearance, weight loss, or muscle mass, but on health and feeling great, as well, mind and body. If you’re looking for guidance in your quest to get into better shape, I would highly recommend Jeremy Robinson, personal trainer and Founder of Austin Holistic Fitness, for the results you want.

Dr. Mara Karpel

I work as a sports chiropractor in Austin. Jeremy has been a huge asset to me in the last year as a high quality personal trainer that I feel very confident sending patients to. He has in depth knowledge of the human body to maximize their results while keeping them safe. He has been great to work with. I would recommend anyone that is looking for a high quality, organized, and knowledgeable trainer.

Dr. Matt Smith DC